MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions develops and sells functional, high-quality compounds and ingredients for the food industry.

To meet customer needs, we offer our products in two different categories:


  • Lactose (Food & Infant), Casein, Caseinate and Buttermilkpowder in high quality suitable for various applications in the food industry



  • Functional milk protein compounds for the stabilisation of dairy products
  • Functional compounds for stabilising meat products, mayonnaises and salad creams
  • Vegetable fat powders based on different oils and fats for soups, sauces and other convenience products
  • Spray-dried coffee creamer and cappuccino foamer used in various coffee specialities
  • Whipping agents and baking emulsifiers for the use in fine bakery, pastry or dessert applications

Helge Sadowski, Director of MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions, explains: “We’re increasingly developing “ready to use” products, in other words, customer-oriented solutions and systems for a variety of applications. We create functional compounds, too. Our customers know their markets as well as their consumers. Thanks to our technology and expertise, MEGGLE can combine the wishes of our customers and consumers to produce perfect results."

We listen to you. Count on MEGGLE to provide customised, expert support, from our first meeting through the reliable delivery of our products.