From Sales Manager to Board Member: Marcus Hormuth is responsible for Functional Products at MEGGLE

The generation change at MEGGLE is completed. A new board team under the leadership of Reinhold Schlensok is in office, the dairy company is prepared for the future.

In the new management Marcus Hormuth plays an important role. Since March 1st 2018 he is CEO for Functional Products – but he isn’t an unknown in Wasserburg.

The graduated business economist had already worked for 13 years at MEGGLE – some years in Wasserburg, many years abroad.

Marcus Hormuth started his career at MEGGLE headquarter as sales manager for functional products (Business Group Excipients & Technology) in 2000. During this time he rapidly acquired the methods and processes that are relevant. He was able to fulfill the high consumer’s expectations and earned a reputation in the company and in the industry.

Three years later he moved to Singapore. Mr Hormuth founded and managed MEGGLE’s regional office: “I was required to take on a lot of responsibility in an early stage of my career. The entrepreneurial spirit was as important as personal initiative or working independently”, emphasises the new board member.

Establishing new markets, building a distribution network and keeping contact with headquarter in Wasserburg. It was a time full of new challenges for Mr Hormuth, who enjoyed the time. In 2009 he was ready for the next step. As Managing Director he was responsible to establish MEGGLE USA Inc. in White Plains (New York).

“No question, the time abroad shapes you in a positive way. With this experience I’m for example able to evaluate the work and the challenges of our foreign colleagues in regional offices more precisely.” As CEO Functional Products, Mr Hormuth is responsible for the whole business group, also including the regional sites abroad.

2013 Marcus Hormuth left MEGGLE for a new challenge as Director International Sales at the fashion company Street One. A different industry, but with similar activities in the sales management of products.

“Of course we do have different processes. But also one of our big tasks is to understand our customer’s and partner’s requirements even better in the future”, says the new Board Member of MEGGLE AG. Beside his profound sales knowledge Marcus Hormuth is now benefitting from his experience in the industry of dried milk products.

With many colleagues from MEGGLE Mr Hormuth had already worked together in the past: “It is a clear advantage to know the skills and strengths of the employees.” However, with his short break from MEGGLE the expert for business management has “an objective viewpoint to internal processes in the company.”

His employees supported him very well during the first days: “I was welcomed with opened arms – I would like to thank my colleagues for that!”