Convenience Food

Our product range includes fat powders based on different oils and fats, with their characteristic features for your individual formulation. Our quality guidelines are creaminess, taste, texture and sensory properties. Our technologists are flexible and mobile, so we can meet your requirements and implement product solutions in the best possible way. Our research and development team works to find just the right stabilisation and whitening properties for your soups, sauces and delicatessen products - according to your individual needs.

Our Edifett fat powders (also often called creamers) support formulations for consumer products as well as for professional applications:

  • Dry Soups and Sauces
    Edifett fat powders can be used as a creamer in instant formulation
  • Wet Soups and Sauces
    As an ingredient in dressings, mayonnaise or deli salads to soups and sauces in wet form – Edifett is your perfect choice
  • Sterilised Products
    Whether in cans or jars, Edifett can also be used for sterilised products
  • Catering Meals
    Excellent stability, long shelf-life and exceptional quality make Edifett suitable for professional applications
  • Frozen Products
    Edifett keeps frozen sauces and dressings stable during thawing, in frozen products such as creamed vegetables and ready-to-eat meals
  • Vending machines
    Edifett offers outstanding instant-food properties, good stability and does not form lumps, good qualities that are necessary for a tasty vending-machine product