Products in our delicatessen range stabilise mayonnaise, salad dressings and toppings as well as pH neutral spreads. Our blends are used as a replacement for protein from poultry, egg yolk and thickening agents. Enhanced creaminess, as a fat simulation in low-fat and calorie-reduced products, improved emulsion and acid stability are just a few of the positive characteristics of our delicatessen range. Our range of products covers a variety of declaration needs.

Functional whey products: Fondolac
Functional blends: Combimec 
Compounds for various applications: Delicatessen Compounds 

Innovative E-number free and egg-free stabilisation systems are the result of in-depth research and product tests. Combining individual components in optimal ratios to maximise synergy effects is not an easy task. We offer various possibilities for “Clean-Label” products: E-number free, concepts for reducing E-numbers, simplification of the ingredients list, compound and single ingredient solutions for cold or hot processing are possible for all types of oil. 

Our Delicatessen compounds can be used in:


Fondolac SL: for producing up to 80 % oil content

Salad Creams

Comp. Delicatessen 50 % - Koruma: cold-processed mayonnaise, salad cream < 65 % oil content          


Comp. Delicatessen 10 - 30 %: cold-processed dressings                    

Spreads, Creams

Fondolac SL: hot-processed spreads of all types (pH neutral or acid)
For example, toast cream, anchovy cream, caviar cream, pistachio cream, sandwich cream, liver paste and yogurt dressings

Comp. Delicatessen - hot processing: Compounds for hot-processed spreads (in-process or subsequent high-temperature treatment)