Meat Products & Sausages

We offer systems for the emulsification and stabilisation of water and fat in various applications. We have the right compounds for your products, from low-fat sausages to autoclaved sausages in tins.

Our FONDOLAC- & COMBIMEC-Range can be used in:

  • Wieners and hot dogs
  • Cooked sausages, spreads, liver pate
  • Cured ham, corned beef
  • Meatballs and minced meat, schnitzel, steaks, poultry, hash browns, chicken wings, cut meats, meat strips, roast, doner kebab, gyros, cordon bleu, marinated meats, liquid panade for schnitzel and shrimps, etc.


  • Structure enhancer, improves water binding
  • High emulsifying properties
  • Cost reduction, minimize loss during frying and cooking
  • Protein enrichment
  • Easy labeling, no Eā€“numbers, depending on product
  • Enhances natural taste and the Maillard reaction (browning effect)
  • Improved mouthfeel: firm, juicy and creamy
  • For stable pasteurised and sterilised/autoclaved products
  • Easy to use