Research & Development

As a pioneer in the processing of milk and whey products, MEGGLE has always regarded research and development as more than the key to our success – it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our ambition is to develop, produce, and sell optimal products and maximum quality services in each of our business segments. We measure our success on the basis of our customers’ satisfaction. In each product segment our application engineers work closely with customers to develop, design, and implement solutions and concepts that will ensure our mutual success. Only those who recognise tomorrow's requirements today will be able to secure their position in the market long-term.

For MEGGLE innovative manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art production facilities enable maximum flexibility in production technology - spray-drying, blending, extrusion, ultra-filtration, and co-spraying - and empower us to create premium quality products. Last but not least, we benefit from contacts and co-operation with industrial partners, whose product range, expertise or technological capabilities contribute meaningfully to our activities. Another important aspect is the transfer of relevant scientific findings into our development activities. 

Only those who recognise tomorrow's requirements today will be able to secure their position in the market long-term. The know-how acquired over our 125-year history guides our journey of discovery as we search for new solutions and innovative concepts.
With its many years of experience, MEGGLE Food Systems accompanies its customers during development and production, to provide unique, customer-specific solutions.

Helge Sadowski, Director of MEGGLE Food Ingredients & Solutions, explains: “We’re increasingly developing “ready to use” products, in other words, customer-oriented solutions and systems for a variety of applications. We create functional compounds, too. Our customers know their markets as well as their consumers. Thanks to our technology and expertise MEGGLE can combine the wishes of our customers and our consumers to produce perfect results.”

We support our partners in designing special formulations, employing our many years of experience and our technological expertise as effective components in the development process.

Research & Development. Our recipe for the future. We have set ourselves a goal - working with our customers to find the best possible solutions.